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The west coast of Prince of Wales Island offers anglers a very unique opportunity.  Anglers in our area have the unique choice between going outside to the open ocean or staying inside and concentrating our efforts behind one of the many islands that offer protection from the wind and seas. 


The waters around Craig are rich with nutrients drawing in baitfish and providing prime habitat for migrating salmon on their journey to their natal streams to spawn. 

This combination of feed and habitat gives anglers arguably one of the best locations on the West Coast to target these hungry predators. 


From our waterfront lodge, anglers are only minutes from the possible catch of a lifetime.


King Salmon

The king salmon is second to none in both table quality and fight.  King salmon in our area range from 10-60lbs with 15lbs-20lbs being the average.  By mid-June the king run is in full swing.  Typically, we see good numbers until the beginning of August.  Between the end of June and the end of July is the most likely time to see these fish at their trophy potential.  Depending on conditions, we target kings using a combination of mooching and trolling techniques.  

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon begin to show in the waters around Craig as early as the end of June.  By mid-July their numbers are increasing daily.  Coho Salmon can be very aggressive feeders and are an absolute blast on the light tackle we use.  It is not uncommon to have multiple fish on at once giving the anglers the added challenge of staying untangled. Anglers in our area are allowed to retain 6 coho per day.  There is no shortage of action with these guys are around.

Halibut and Bottom Fish

The waters in our area provide anglers with unlimited opportunities for halibut, lingcod and other species of bottom fish.  Once we have reached our limit of salmon we then travel offshore in search of halibut and bottom fish.  Depending on conditions we will anchor up a deploy large baits to the sea floor.  If the ocean conditions allow we will drift along bouncing large jigs attempting to entice a strike.

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